About Us

As MBSeducate.net which is part of the MBS Media Limited Ireland, we having over the years a vast knowledge accumulated about various IT, Marketing and Business topics and always wanted to bring our knowledge and gems we found and discovered over the years to the public.

We strive to provide you on MBSeducate.net with ebooks you usually can not find anywhere else or are not available as ebook in general, except through us. The ebook Vault is literally the Vault of ebook treasures about various topics, often Business and Marketing related, but over time we also accumulated a lot of rights on other topics which are not commonly available online, except here at mbseducate.net.

For every ebook you find on our website, we own either shared or absolute sell and resell rights and all books are carefully hand selected and brought to you to prices far below the price of the physical version, if even still available.

MBSeducate.net is a part of multiple online platforms owned by MBS Media Limited, Reg Nr: 653103, Coliemore House, Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland.